18 years and counting

The years of adulting have finally begun for me! Around the world one’s 18th birthday is a universal sign of becoming an ‘adult’ and entering into the next phase of your life. For many, this will mean graduating high school and getting ready to study at your chosen university, while for others it may mean going directly into employment or an apprenticeship. Whatever path you are taking, it will be no doubt be very different from the path you have experienced so far. It’s at milestones like this that I like to look back and reflect on my journey and everything’s that’s lead me up to this point. After all, it’s your experiences and what you take away from them that make you the person that you are. Looking back, the majority of my life has been spent in education to set me up for a sustainable career in the future. Being a student and studying was the very reason I lived, and was what I spent the majority of my days doing. When you are young, you always have to be looking ahead into the future, and everyone around you is always making sure that you are well prepared for such a future. This of course wasn’t just in the classroom. I had several hobbies growing up, ranging from racket sports to practising musical instruments, all of which were again designed to give me skills which I could carry with me into the future (while having fun at the same time!). As for most 18 year olds though, it is the more recent years which truly define who you are as your childhood comes to an end. Your high school years are likely to contain some of the best memories of your life so far, as well as some of theworst. It’s a time when you’re given more independence with your studies, when you’re friendships really start to solidify, when you may experience stress, heartbreak and joy all in the space of one month. It’s easy to overthink such things when you’re young, but as you approach the next stage of your life it’s important to ask yourself, ‘what do I want to take with me?’ For me, I’ll be wanting to take the lessons I’ve learnt over the years, the good memories and experiences, the true friends who’ve stood the test of time. We have our whole lives ahead of us, and at the end of the day, things that happened in your first 18 years will only be a small part of your huge life that is to come. So stay strong fellow 18 year olds, and welcome to adulthood.

Until next time,

跆拳道 (Taiquandao)


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