Post exam freedom!

Yesterday evening I attended a garden party with my mum and her colleagues, where I found myself speaking to many middle-aged scientists about my future career prospects and what I wanted to do with my life. The same questions kept popping up: are you on holiday yet? How did your exams go? Are you going to university next year? What do you want to do in the future? It was nothing more than polite small talk, but talk that I enjoyed nonetheless, mainly because I felt I my answers met all their expectations. However a part of me couldn’t help but feel that those conversations were slightly fake, if not staged. Of course, that is how all conversations between young adults and older adults happen nowadays, we think it to be common courtesy. But whilst the typical sixth form to university to cushy office job pathway seems comfortable and familiar to most people, it isn’t for everyone. Apart from my future studies, I have other plans for my life as well. Secret dreams and goals that I don’t like to share with others, although surely there’s nothing wrong with that? Having recently completed my A level exams, there’s nothing more I’d want than to spend a few months not thinking about my future at all, but rather just living in the present and enjoying possibly the last stress-free period of my life. This post exam freedom is just the beginning of many things to come, but it’s certainly not to be neglected. Wishing everyone a happy and relaxing summer, hopefully will return to more structured and regular posting from now on!

Until next time,

跆拳道 (Taiquandao)


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