Family unions

It was only yesterday that I went to London to celebrate Chinese New Year with my friends, but more importantly, with my family. This time of year, for us Chinese at least, seems to be a really special time for everyone. Having grown up and spent all my life living in England, I never really regarded myself as a ‘true’ Chinese person, and consequently, things like Chinese New Year never really meant a great deal to me. Partying with my friends at New Years definitely seemed more fun. However, something changed this year. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and more mature, but my appreciation for family has certainly grown a lot this past year. Considering I live at home with only my mum, I often find myself home alone a lot of the time. Some people, especially kids, might revel in this opportunity; a time to themselves where they get to do absolutely whatever they want. That’s certainly how I felt about it when my sister left to go to university. But that feeling quickly disappeared, to be replaced by a feeling of loneliness and wanting to feel love. Sitting together eating at the dinner table every night was no longer a regular thing, and family unions began turning into irregular family REunions: being reunited after an extended period away from each other. I believe that this period of not being together actually forces you to appreciate the value of your family and their unconditional love. The people who will be there for you (even if not physically) no matter what happens to you or what you do. Your family will always be your family, and nothing can change that. Even if you don’t celebrate Chinese New Year, even if you do currently live with all your family members under the same roof, it never hurts to tell your family how much you appreciate them. Be forgiving if you want to expect forgiveness from others. You won’t regret it.


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